White Thug Couch Tug

This new young man was with us because I\'m friends with his probation officer and he was recommended to the House. He\'s the type of guy you wonder just how in the hell he isn\'t working and living a normal life. I guess sometimes you have to fall pretty far before you realize your way out of a hole. Although he hadn\'t done anything wrong or broken any rules, I still wanted to knock him off of his high horse and let him know how things are around the House. This is not a place where the guys get to do whatever they want, and things go a lot smoother if they put out.

I aroused him from his catnap and began creeping on him. Lo and behold, the kid popped a boner almost immediately, just from a few rubs around his crotch. Now, personally I don\'t think this has much to do with whether he likes to bang girls or he is living in denial - sometimes these kids who stay inside their mom\'s house smoking and playing video games all day just aren\'t used to being touched by another human being, so of course his pecker would respond. 

He wasn\'t sure what was happening to him exactly, but he went with the flow, even when I motioned for him to grab my cock and start tugging. Not bad for a beginner str8 boy; then again, what guy doesn\'t know how to jerk off a cock, since he\'s been tugging his own for years. I jerk him off too, enjoying watching a lot of pre-cum ooze out of his cock head. Whether he wanted to or not, he liked it. He seemed to precum more when I rubbed our dicks against each other. I finish him off and then he works on me. He does a mighty fine job of helping me get a nut. I\'m looking forward to getting him to the next level soon.