Disrespectful Bastard Barebacked

Jonah is such a prick that we decided from Day One to make his life a living hell for the duration of his stay. Guys like Jonah have a tough exterior that needs to be broken down completely, and that means being on his ass 100% of the time for any and every reason. The day his cherry got wrecked and swollen was a bad day for everyone - several guys were in need of some serious attitude corrections. Jonah, however, was first.

Sometime when there are a bunch of guys living together in a setting like the Halfway House, there is a tendency toward \"bachelor pad\" or \"frat bro\" living. This tends to mean unkempt rooms, general untidiness, and slacking off on the minor details, like putting lids back on, wiping down a counter, or giving a fuck about anything. As much as we try to enforce discipline, there\'s always some bastard pushing back just as hard in the other direction. Jonah is one of these dumbshits. I already didn\'t like him, but when I noticed that he had opened 10 fucking bags of chips without finishing any of them, I just snapped.

Jonah took the first several minutes in stride, until he had my dick in his mouth - then he knew things were about to get real. After face fucking him in front of his little sidekick, I told him to bend over and stick his ass out. I gotta admit, as much as I despise this fuckwad, his hole felt pretty fantastic as I slid my bare cock inside of him. He\'s a tall guy, 6-5. It was like fucking the star varsity basketball player. It didn\'t take long for his ass to start gaping; after a few minutes it looked like an open jar of strawberry jam. At this point I just let loose, enjoying the look of disgust and discomfort on his face. When I got tired of banging him on the couch, I had him ride my dick. By this time he was getting pretty good at taking it, and the fucking was good. I have him hop off my dick and finish me off by hand before licking my dick clean. I\'m sure he didn\'t enjoy the ass-to-mouth or the cum, but this fucking sperm-belching whore got exactly what he deserves.

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