Raw Dick for a Dumb Hick

Missing meetings, whether AA meetings or probation/parole officer meetings is such a common infraction for these shitheads. It\'s almost as if an entire generation of young men have completely fried their brains and are completely incapable of basic human responsibilities. For the same reason, none of these bozos can keep a job for longer than a week. This is good, because it makes all of the House Managers feel absolutely no shame in castigating them for their numerous transgressions. The world is thus: the low IQ minions at the bottom of the barrel are going to be taken advantage of for their stupidity wherever they are, so it might as well be us. Not only do we get our dicks wet, but we have the satisfaction of knowing that a low-life has been put in his rightful place - each and every day.

This yokel had it coming, but the poor guy seemed to be so dumb that it didn\'t occur what was happening to him until I\'d already ass-fucked him in a few positions. Maybe he was used to it from those sleepovers in his Uncle\'s trailer. As I marched him into the garage, he had a shit-eating grin on his face as if he were about to get an award. The smile barely started to fade only when I pulled my dick out, but even then it\'s like he was unsure that this was anything other than a joke. I made him put his boots back on after he undressed, because I thought it might make him feel more comfortable as I drilled his hole.

His cock sucking wasn\'t too bad, but not the greatest either, so I quickly got to the main event. It only took a few minutes to get his hole gaping and loose, and after that point it was smooth sailing. I\'ve fucked a lot of dumb straight hicks in my life, and I would say he was better than most. He didn\'t flinch much, didn\'t cry, and didn\'t try to get me to slow down.

Toward the end when I was getting close, I was debating whether to nut in his hole or in his mouth. I ended up deciding to jizz into his mouth, because I figured he could use the protein. I have him jack me off himself as he stuck his tongue out waiting for it. His aim wasn\'t bad, but he missed a bit, and it slowly dripped down his cheek. I made sure to wipe that bit back up into his mouth so he could get every last drop.

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