His Hole Is A Teenage Wasteland

Some guys you can't help but dislike. Not only does this one have a negative attitude, he is full of complaints and excuses. If he opens his mouth at all, it is to whine, and when he leaves his room in which he spends most of his time, the other residents scatter like dust in the wind. Part of the thing is his poor hygiene. House Managers aren't too accustomed to having to tell guys to take a shower or brush their teeth.

Nonetheless, if you can get over the stench and the bellyaching, he is definitely fuckable. I personally like those 18 year old Midwestern boys with the tall basketball player bodies and smooth, lily-white skin. I was kind of happy when he fucked up and got in way past curfew. His bunk mate had locked him out of the room, and so he pulled out the sofa bed. I waited for hours for him to wake up, but even with all the racket that morning he didn't budge.

I walked over to him and awoke him from his peaceful slumber. Pulling my cock out, I placed his hand on it and instructed him to jerk me. He complied. It felt good, and made me think I should spend more time hanging around the bus station talking to the derelicts scrounging up money for a ride. I decided to see how good he was at cock sucking. Not too shabby! My hunch is that he sucked many a dick for a place to sleep as he was delving ever deeper into his addiction. Regardless of where or how he learned it, I was impressed. Now, all I needed to do was find out how good his hole felt.

Fucking someone you are contemptuous of is kind of like one-way makeup sex. It feels great, and you can let your disgust an anger out all at once. Believe me, I had plenty to be upset about with this kid. So basically I use his hole like a battering ram uses a masonry wall. He didn't much like it, but I didn't really give a fuck. He deserved every second of it: one, for being a rule-breaking dipshit, and two, for never appreciating his chances to turn his life around.

Needless to say, this guy's hole was blown the fuck out! And I mean, blown out in a massive way. His ass looked like entrance to a dark, wet cavern. That was after just fucking him on his back! I had a lot more hoops to put him through, too. I make him ride me, which he does OK with. Then I fuck him from behind both on the pull out and the floor. His hole was so nice I coulda fucked him all day. The vacant look on his face tells the rest of the story. He wanted to be anywhere else, but he didn't put up a fuss at all. I figured I'd give him one last thing to be disgusted about: I yank my raw cock out of his cunt and shove it in his mouth, then let out a big load of jizz. 

Maybe he will shape up, or maybe he won't. Until then, though, it's nice to know there's a teenage hole I can use whenever I need to get off.

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