Bonded Out And Pounded Down

After he slobs both of our knobs, I push him down onto the ground and the other manager shoves his fattie right into his puckered up little hole. Man, did this guy make a racket. It's like someone pulled a fucking string on his back and he wouldn't shut up. After some time on the floor getting spitroasted, I grabbed him by the hair and positioned him into doggie style against the couch. This was for two reasons: One, I could sit down and get a nice dick lickin' while he was getting fucked, and two, I could shove this fuckers face into the cushion if he got even louder. Needless to say, he gets a good pounding, and when my buddy nuts in his hole, I flipped him over quickly. Scooping up my buddies nut with my fingers from inside his blown out hole, I shove the cum and ass-juice right into this little prick's mouth.
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  • Added: 10-28-2016
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