Raw Attitude Adjustment

This guy started causing trouble from the minute he stepped into the House. From his smarmy attitude to his sense of superiority, he rubbed me and the other House Managers the wrong way completely. We all knew he was a bad seed. Turns out he was feeding the other rejects contraband, and when we found the proof all I could think of was giving him the most painful attitude adjustment he's ever had. I have him sit facing the corner like thee dunce he is for an hour so that he can think about the consequences of his actions. Alas, this tactic just made him more recalcitrant. When confronted with the evidence he just shrugged it off. No matter, I was about to rock his world. I have him strip down to his underwear and scavenge the floor for all of his precious smuggled goods, then I whip my cock out and make him go down on me. He didn't seem like the type to have a lot of experience with a dick in his mouth, but his warm mouth didn't feel so bad. I was much more interested in his butt, though, and before long I had him lying back with his legs in the air. As I began sliding my pole inside him, he just gave me a look like he wanted to murder me, but I'm used to that and it didn't bother me. This scum was gonna learn his lesson one way or another, and me getting my rocks off was just an added benefit. His hole was not a breeze to break into, and judging from the looks on his face face he wanted to scream. The only thing preventing him, I'm sure, was that he didn't want his buddies in the next room to hear him getting treated like a little fuck-bitch. So he gritted his teeth and took it - for quite a long while. I fucked him in missionary and doggie, and then I saw that he was loosened up enough finally to ride me. He doesn't ride a cock half-bad. I'm looking forward to the next adjustment session. I could think of no better way to end this than to make sure this piece of shit got covered in my jizz. I have him open wide, and as I get ready to pump a big load of cum, he looks absolutely pissed. I make sure when I let loose to not only get some in his mouth, but all over his pretty face and chest as well. Now that is a gratifying sight.