Raw Double Dipping

The one thing House Manager's hate the most is the general state of uncleanliness that is displayed by the residents. It's as if these guys grew up in a pig pen. Or maybe all the substances took a toll on their sense of smell - let me tell you some guys have belongings that reek! Typically this problem is resolved in the first week, but at other times the guys slide back into their old habits. The two untidy assholes sharing this room had let it get completely out of control - there were clothes strewn across the floor and everything. They couldn't have been more different, but they had this one thing in common. The "My daddy's rich" snob was just as messy as the formerly homeless resident. I decided to teach them both a lesson that would resolve their little issue. I stormed into their room and made them begin folding their clothes, but after some slapping around and receiving some attitude in return, I decided to step it up a notch. With both of them shirtless on the floor, I whipped out my dick and had a nice double blowjob from these two teens. The pretty one got spit on, too. He definitely deserves to be treated like a piece of shit. Once I was good and ready I have the first ass wipe sit on my dick while the other holds his balls up. He actually seemed to know what he was doing, and it felt great. I like his hole. It feels the way it should, like peach that's just ripe and warm from the sun. I fuck him in doggie, too, because his ass bounces perfectly. The other isn't so accustomed to getting banged, but I have barebacked him before so I knew he could take it. He sure does grimace a lot, but the motherfucker gapes after a minute, and then it's a great fuck, because you can go whole hog. After fucking them both again in different positions, I nut in one mouth and then make the other idiot lick my dick clean. He drained every last drop of cum out of my cock. I'm guessing by the look of utter disgust on their faces that they will keep the floor clear of debris in the near future.
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